Teenage Pregnancy

              Barriers to Health Care For Teen Pregnancy

Although teenage maternity rates have been declining within the past, it is still a trend that's disturbing. With some having sex as early as 11-12 years of age, the chances of a youngster maternity ar enhanced. With teen maternity comes the want for health care. Unfortunately, there are several barriers to health care for a youngster maternity.

Education is a must

One of these barriers to health take care of the pregnant teen is education. Schools do not educate students regarding their bodies and therefore the means they work. Parents tend to be uncomfortable regarding discussing sex education matters with their teens, The teenage pregnancy rate has dropped so any data the teenage might get typically comes from their peers. This is not usually a good suggests that of gathering correct data.

Financial Barriers

Another barrier to health care for teen maternity is financial gain, or the lack of it. Health care is prohibitively expensive for several adults, and even a teen with operating oldsters might not have access to insurance. When a parent has to decide between rent and food or insurance, the medical needs ar usually unmarked. With access to education about maternity, and clinics available for teens with no health insurance, there might be an increase in teens seeking out medical aid for themselves and their unborn kid.


Along with inadequate insurance and low financial gain oldsters, teens may face lack of transportation to a health care facility. Many two financial gain families have one automotive, and no support system to show to in times of need. Often health care is not accessible among an affordable distance, or there may be no gas for the second automotive. Even if there's transportation available, a parent may not be able to get time without work from work to require the pregnant teenage to the doctor, providing the parent is aware of the pregnancy within the 1st place.

Shame and Fear

This brings us to another barrier to health take care of teenage maternity. Shame and fear in a juvenile person are often a robust rational motive for several actions they take. Shame for being pregnant, and fearful of the results they'll face from a parent can influence a youngster in many ways. One coping talent that stems from these feelings is not admitting to the maternity, even to themselves. This, of course, can lead to the teenager not receiving any health care till she has progressed way into her maternity. This only sets the teenage up for potential complications down the road for her and her baby.

With education of parents and teenagers along, perhaps we have a tendency to will overcome these barriers to health take care of our pregnant teens. Communication for all can be an honest beginning in providing access to health take care of each the mother and her unborn kid.